Stavros Beach Villas
Σαντορίνη - Περίβολος

Το κρυμμένο στολίδι του Περίβολου - Stavros Beach Villas

Το κρυμμένο στολίδι του Περίβολου

Το Stavros Beach Villas βρίσκεται στον Περίβολο, λίγα βήματα από την παραλία του Περίβολου και προσφέρει καταλύματα με βεράντα, δωρεάν ιδιωτικό χώρο στάθμευσης και μπαρ. Το κατάλυμα απέχει περίπου 1,8χλμ. από την παραλία της Περίσσας, 2,5χλμ. από την παραλία Βλυχάδα και 8,6χλμ. από τον Αρχαιολογικό Χώρο του Ακρωτηρίου. Το κατάλυμα προσφέρει υπηρεσία δωματίου και δωρεάν Wi-Fi σε όλους τους χώρους. Ορισμένα δωμάτια διαθέτουν επίσης μικρή κουζίνα με ψυγείο και εστίες μαγειρέματος. Η περιοχή είναι δημοφιλής για ψάρεμα, ενώ στο ξενοδοχείο παρέχεται υπηρεσία ενοικίασης αυτοκινήτου. Το λιμάνι της Σαντορίνης απέχει 10χλμ. από το Stavros Beach Villas, ενώ το Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Θήρας είναι 14χλμ. μακριά. Το πλησιέστερο αεροδρόμιο είναι το Διεθνές Αεροδρόμιο της Σαντορίνης, σε απόσταση 13χλμ. από το κατάλυμα.
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Άνετα & μοντέρνα δωμάτια
Everything was perfect. The place is wonderful with so much love put in details like the 'mosaic designs' the colors and of course the extrardinary location straight at the beach. They also offer snacks and drinks at the bar below as well as rentable beach umbrellas (8€ a day) and a free parking place. There are a lot of bars and restaurants reachable by foot and a mini-market as well. The place and beach was quiet and nice. The staff (Maria, Eva and family) where very kind and helpful. They organized our pick-up, a rental car and gave advice on restaurants.Thank you very much for everything.
Absolutely loved this cute hotel and the family running it - felt very comfortable in the little cottage where I stayed and had lots of privacy - it was such an incredibly great stay for such a good affordable price - would definitely stay there again
We had a very nice stay there. The place is nice, the hosts are very kind! :) I would definitely recommend it to everybody!
Everything, brilliant place to stay and would thoroughly recommend it
A very quiet and clean place, a few steps from the sea, there is a car parking, we were satisfied with everything
Right on the beach, very quiet, just for family holiday. Nice owners, very helpful. Room was nice, on the budget, daily cleaned, enough space for two of us. Comfortable bed, very good wifi even on the beach in front.
we loved the hotel, it is right in front of the beach, it is super clean, the breakfast is excellentand the family is lovely, always extremely kind and helpful. we will come back and I’ll suggest everyone to stay here. massive thank you to everyone again, our time in Santorini has been lovely.
Very friendly welcoming people happy to help with everything. Arranged trips for us and airport taxis also.
I would say that the property was small but the staff and management were the best,the man was so awesome and always making sure we are okay and happy and I must say God bless him and his beautiful staff for all they did to make us comfortable all through our visit in Greece
Maria is a great host. Nothing was a problem and we were exceptionaly happy staying in Stavros Villas.